About the company

MEGA CONSTRUCTION — a construction and development company belonging to MEGA HOLDING — works in co-operation with MEGA PRODUCTION, the largest producer of building materials and pre-cast reinforced concrete elements on the Georgian market.

MEGA PRODUCTION (former Tbilcement Group) is one of Georgia’s largest producers of European-standard building materials and modern pre-cast reinforced concrete elements. The company produces a range of building materials (such as sand, rubble and concrete) as well as pre-cast reinforced concrete elements. The high standard of the company's products is ensured by a rigorous quality control process which is carried out at every stage of production.

The close levels of co-operation between the two companies — developer and producer — enables them to manufacture innovative, high-quality materials which meet European standards and to propose valuable offers to their clients.

For additional information visit company’s web sites:

MEGA CONSTRUCTION: www.mega.com.ge
MEGA PRODUCTION: www.megaproduction.ge