Construction Technology

For building residential complex Mega Didube we use the latest, modern technologies of construction, which provides the highest quality and the outstanding appearance of the building. We create new standard of construction!


Structural Design

In the process of building design creation was involved Structurama's Milan office. Structurama is one of the leading design-engineering international companies in Europe.


Ventilation Engineering

During the structural design of the building was created a project of ventilation engineering, according to which all the apartments are provided with individual ventilation, which excludes any problems with ventilation system.


Pillars, beams and diaphragms

The safety of any building is mostly defined by the quality of the pillars, beams and diaphragms, used during construction; these serve as the building’s central spine, and give the structure its strength. MEGA CONSTRUCTION pays very close attention to the construction of pillars, beams and diaphragms, using building materials of highest quality and moulds produced by DOKA GmbH, which provides accuracy, speed, safety and high quality of construction.

DOKA GmbH —an Austrian company which leads the world in the field of formwork production and which currently operates through 160 branches and logistic centres in 70 countries.


Hollow roofing slabs

The layers between stories of the building are made of special reinforced hollow concrete slabs, highly durable and of the desired thickness. The hollowness of these slabs ensures additional sound and heat insulation between stories. In addition it reduces the weight of building and makes it more flexible, what is very important factor for the seismic resistance of the building.


Triple outer walls

The walls of the building are constructed using light weighted (harsh stone) blocks. In between two layers insulation layer is placed.